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Mrs. Ana is very grategul with her services

6/30/17 Mrs. Ana admire she is very grategul with her services and she has had her aide for a while, the 2 aide that they have provided, they are very supportive. she has no complaints and she is always thankful to Home Care Agency aides'

Ms. Norma’s son also admire our organisation

5/25/2017 Ms. Norma's son also admire our organisation. he feels very comfortable and satisfied with the services which have provided by both of the employees of Home Care Agency aides'. they are so supportive.they were caring his mother very nicely. He stresses the fact that the aide cannot work over 40 hours because he sees how his mother regresses when her regular aide are not with her, but he understands that they need time off and we are to follow company policy.

She has delighted with the services

03/10/2017 Mrs. Dorothy said, she has delighted with the services of Home Care Agency aides’ which have provided by all three of the employees who gave services; she receives the support on time from her wonderful aides.she care me as the way as i am a member of her house.

Miss Reita said, she is very happy with the services

1/13/2017 I am very happy with the services which have provided by Home Care Agency aides, she is called by her aide on days we do not provide services making her feel special, she’s currently working on adding more days of service.

Switched home care

11/12/13 Home Care Agency has been providing an aide for my mother for close to 6 months now, and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your service.... Aide is extremely pleasant, takes excellent care of my mother and has often gone above and beyond her duties to help me out......


Wonderful Companion

10/21/2013 My grandmother passed away this weekend, and I just wanted to say that Dominique was a wonderful companion to her over the past few months. She really made a difference. - Jennifer


I am so happy with my aide

7/19/13 I am so happy with the Home Care Agency aides’ services. My mother is doing so much better since we started services with Home Care Agency.... ! -Loraine


A visit from Australia

7/15/2013 Firstly let me thank you for all your help and guidance in organizing care for Robert whilst holidaying in New York..... thank you again for all your work it is very much appreciated by Robert, Monique and myself...... Cheers Helyn.


Helpful, Honest, and Gracious staff

02/09/2013 Home Care Agency had the most positive reviews, and they were the first agency to actually call me back.... they never stopped working. They understand the difficulty in what they do.... - Caring7721-


Very Nice and Well Informed

03/13/2013 They were the first agency that contacted was very nice and was able to answer all my questions.... -Matthew-


Great Team!!

December 14, 2012 “Great team! Very professional environment and system to manage the patient services..... -Teg-


Attentive, Kind and Proactive

Dec 7, 2012 I wanted to let you know how very helpful, considerate, efficient and professional Nancy Poveda has been to me in my dealings with her since October 1st,.... Donna


Hurricane Sandy – I Thank Home Care Agency

11/1/12 I would like to let you know of the great services which was provided to me during hurricane sandy..... Ms. Colorina in my opinion is an exemplary home health aid and I thank Agency for providing her as my home health care aid..... Ms.Tchaka


Thanks to her Caregivers

10/11/12 I appreciate all that you do. The last 9 months have had it’s ups and downs, but have seemed to work out okay. She has gotten much much better in that she’s eating & drinking regularly, thanks to her caregivers..... Mindy


Thank You for your services

10/01/2012, I am very satisfied with the services provided. Aide is always on time and had provided all the required services in a satisfactory manner.....Ms. Jacques


Wonderful, Caring Job with my mother

06/20/2012 ...we had such a good experience with Home Care Agency due to your employees. Thanks very much. Sincerely, Mrs. Carol Brooklyn, NY...


Dad is walking again and doing better

Dec 14, 2011 Precious is doing a wonderful job and they are really happy with her services. Precious even got up the other day a few times during the night to help Dad use the restroom. Precious has been able to get Dominick to walk around the house, which is something Dominick was not doing. Also Dominick seems happier now and his spirits are up.” –Also “ She is happy that they went with our agency as we were able to respond to their concerns quickly”


Efficient, Reliable and Caring Individual

March 31, 2011 Dear Ms. Dominguez: I am pleased to write this letter on behalf of Mrs. Altagracia who I have known for over one year and has been my mother’s (Ms. Blanca’s) Home Care Attendant for that same period of time. During this time, Mrs. Altagracia has proven to be a very efficient, responsible and caring individual. She is reliable, respectful and handles my mother with sensitivity and family members and visitors with professionalism. Truly, this person is an asset to your organization. Sincerely,Ms. Teresa


Great Service

3/3/11 Dear Minddy, I would like to express my appreciation for your great service. My aide Ms. Lesly is the best. His dedication and devotion go far. It feels like my father is taking care of me. I would be excited if Leslie would be nominated as aide of the month. Thank you for everything. Yours Truly, Ms. Abraham


Definitely Recommend Your Agency

November 29, 2010 Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express how much we appreciate Home Care Agency and particularly our home care attendant, Marvalyn. She has been a first-rate companion and caregiver for me...... Mrs. Lucille


Efficient and Pleasant to be around

9/13/10 Dear Ms. Teresa, I’m writing this letter in recommendation for the substitute home attendant Ms. Vera. I found her to be very patient, efficient and pleasant to be around. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank You for sending her to me for the two weeks. Yours Truly, Ms. Betty


Special Thanks to the entire Staff at Home Care Agency

September 9,2010 Ms. Laude , who works Monday thru Thursday. I am going to highlight some of her qualities and explain to you how and why I came to these conclusions. First and foremost she is an extraordinary human being who cares: Her work assignments start at 8:00 am daily, yet she arrives to work between 6:45 am and 7:00 am everyday (even though it takes her 90 minutes, using 2 buses to get here). Moreover, her time sheets will confirm she is always punctual and on time – never late. She shows initiative helping and caring for me as if I am her mother. She takes pride in doing my laundry and cleaning my home. Without ever asking her, she insists on changing my bed sheets almost every day; she does so, 3 out of the 4 days she works during the week. It is now a joy to have friends and family visit my home, because it is always very clean and she is humble and respectful of my visitors. Many of them have had good and kind words to say about her polite mannerism, the way she is always neatly dressed (in uniform) and her professionalism. In fact, Ms. Laude, has changed my life: She prepares my meals on a timely basis: at the same hour of the day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. What is also gratifying Laude checks my schedule for my medication; she reminds me when to take my medications and does her own follows-up that I take them; she helps me monitor my “sugar” and my “pressure”. It is refreshing to note, that I do not suffer anymore with “terrible gas” from not eating on time; the previous aides were always late (9 out of 10 times). And as a diabetic, you know I must check my “sugar” and I have to eat early, otherwise I am sick like a dog. I must give thanks to God for sending Ms. Laude. I am a lot better and there has been a tremendous improvement in my health: my “sugar” and my “pressure” are under control and I am no longer as stressed out as in the past, I cannot ask for a better home attendant. We have a great and beautiful relationship. I must say I respect her and love her for the love, care and attention she has given to my every need. I am happy and comfortable with her. Again, I must thank God for blessing me by sending her into my life and into my home. Before Ms. Laude came along I was suffering terribly; with the other girls there is no comparison. I can honestly recommend her to the world for her outstanding work, care and good nature. She always does her assigned duties in a timely manner and would go beyond the call of duty (if you allow her). In closing, special thanks to the Manager and entire staff at Home Care Agency, for taking the time to select and send me an extra special worker who has improved my life in every possible way. Ms. Sylna


Quality Home Health Care

August 9, 2010 Home Health Care Aide: Ms. Carmen Dear Ms. Dominguez: I am writing for my mother and myself when I say that we are very happy with her present Home Health Care Aide, Ms. Carmen, She exhibits all the attributes we had expected in a home health care aide. She is reliable, she encourages my mother to go out and get some exercise, she cooks for her and takes care of light cleaning and laundry and doctor appointments and all the other things my mother cannot do for herself. However, what stands out above all the rest is her upbeat personality and the personal interest she seems to take in acting as a true companion to my mother. My mother is alone in her apartment most of the time and the thing that really cheers her up is having someone to talk to, whom she can understand and relate to and who seems to really take an interest in her well-being. I think she truly represents your agency as a place of quality home health care. When raise time comes, please don’t overlook her. Yours truly, Patients Son


Who do we care for?

We provide assistance in the home for seniors, adults and children

What services do you provide?

Companionship services, Homemaking services, Live-in care, Post-Operative care, Respite care, Hospice care, Child care at home, Escort & Assistance with activities of daily living

Where do you serve?

We provide services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens & Manhattan area

How do we select our care givers?

  • We do a thorough screening process of:
  • Full job history and reference check
  • FBI national criminal background check (instant updates if status changes)
  • Physical & Drug testing
  • We provide them with annual training
  • They are placed to work in our sister agency and then only the top performers are selected to work with us

Who handles my information?

Only our internal staff and when required by law to be shared with a third party but it is all kept 100% confidential

Are you a licensed home care agency?

Yes! We are licensed by the New York State Department of health. We are also bonded and insured