How to Prepare to Become a Senior

We are getting older every single day, yet if you are like me you still think you are “young” regardless of your actual age. Regardless of our age, we must do certain things that are recommended to help us to live happier & healthier lifestyles. For instance, getting a regular prostate exam for males or getting a mammogram for a female beginning after a certain age. Here are a few things to help you prepare in the years as you become more senior.




Do your Will


Exercise some more

Get your “situation(s)” in order

Do brain teasers

Exercise your brain forever

Eat healthy daily

Continue to eat healthy

Healthy eating should be a habit

Learn to control stress

Practice Yoga

Learn to Meditate

Get Long Term Care Insurance

Get some life insurance

Have the proper health plan

Lose all the negative people in your life

Tell all you love, that you “love them”

Learn what happiness is

From all my years in this world, all that I have learned so far is that the happier you are the healthier you are as well. So don’t sweat the small stuff, stop and smell the roses and enjoy your life because people say all you have is one life to live and if you do it right you, don’t have to repeat it.

I know people do things at their pace and when they feel it is appropriate but, remember that time waits for no man and time is always ticking. So if you are alive today and get to accomplish all these goals, you should be a happier and healthier person knowing that you have covered all bases.

But, for those of us that have not completed our life goals, it’s o.k. There is still time!

So if you haven’t done anything on the list, do something (In bold letters). Plan to see what you will need most at this point in time and in the future and prepare for those things. If you are healthy, continue to strive to be the best you can be. If you are not healthy and need some assistance within your home with activities of daily living, feel confident that you can get the care you need by calling Exclusive Care at 718-364-4032.

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